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Normale Version: China Carbide Ball
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Tungsten carbide balls are also called cemented carbide balls, bearing balls or just simply carbide balls.
The applications of tungsten carbide balls are extremely broad, such as: precise bearing balls, instruments, meters, pen, spraying machines, pumps, machinery parts, valve seals, brake pump, extruding hole, oil, hydrochloric acid lab, hardness measuring instrument, fishing gear, with heavy, ornamented, finished, and some other high-end industry!
High hardness and dimensional stability make tungsten carbide balls the preferred choice for precision hydraulic valves, high-load bearings, inertial navigation systems, ball screws, linear bearings in sideways, gauging and checking instruments, and meters. Tungsten carbide balls are also used for balloting, to work-harden and improve fretting fatigue strength.
Tungsten carbide balls are standard for Rockwell testing, and for Brinell testing of materials in the range of 444-627 HB.China Carbide Ball